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Best Weld Fume Equipment

The FumeVac EZ Reach is the do-it-all weld boom that is designed with source capture weld fume extraction in mind. The equipment features a full range of height adjustability as well as a full 360° rotation.

The EZ Reach Boom is available with a floor-mount pedestal, column mount bracket, heavy duty fixed base, or mobile cart. It can also be used with either single or dual wire feeders.


  • Single and Dual wire feeder capability
  • Mounting hardware for FumeVac auto-valves & weld wire feeding conduits
  • Mast hand crank allows full-range adjustment of boom height
  • 360° rotation when using proper ballast, or direct floor mount
  • 48” x 60” heavy duty Pallet Base with forklift access channels


  • Helps improve reach while maintaining safe utilization of the welding equipment
  • Varying boom lengths to accommodate different work cell sizes
  • In-boom cable management
  • 200lb weight capacity at end of boom
  • Optional Mobile Weld Station Cart


Models, Options, and Accessories

  • 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’ Boom assembly & feeder mounting platform
  • Mobile weld station cart
  • Heavy-duty pallet base with forklift channels (48” x 60”)
  • Base, floor, and column mount options
  • Boom-length hard duct vacuum tubes
  • Interconnecting hi-vac flex hose options
  • Wire feeder platform handle
  • Hi-vac Auto-valve mounting hardware – single & dual
  • Weld wire spool mounting hardware, feeding conduit,
  • conduit guide kit, and conduit QD bracket
  • Boom style feeder control mounting bracket (Miller, Lincoln)

8’ Boom Assembly, including:

  • Pallet Base
  • Mounting Pedestal
  • Wire Feeder Platform & Handle
  • Vacuum Tube & Hoses
  • Wire Spool Mount
  • Weld Wire Conduit and Brackets

Optional Mobile Weld Station Cart, includes:

  • 2000-3000 lbs capacity
  • 44 gallon ballast (sand)
  • Leveling arms for increased stability
  • Rear rubber and front swiveling cast iron wheels