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High Vacuum Extraction at Every Weld Station

FumeVac Central Systems deliver high levels of extraction capacity to an almost limitless number of welding stations. Create a clean, safe work environment while using 20-35% less energy.

The Lean Solution for Dust & Weld Fume Extraction

The FV-500-20 combines the functionalities of both a traditional vacuum and a dust collector into a compact 2-in-1 indoor floor level unit.

The Most Options for Dust & Fume Control

FumeVac's FV-225-3 can either be used as a mobile unit or as a vacuum source for a small network. The unit offers welding fume extraction with MIG guns.

Efficiency & Versatility All in One

FumeVac's portable fume extractors are the most efficient and versatile solution for fume and dust source capture when central vacuum systems cannot be used or are too expensive.

Simple, Low-cost Solution for Weld Fume

High velocity source capture arms are ideal for fume extraction needs in training environments. The unique, robust design offers effective extraction at lower airflow rates than conventional, large-diameter arms.

Weld Fume Extraction for Robotic or Automated Processes

The FumeVac Ventilation Hoods are designed for continuous operation & require minimum floor space. The units are low profile, easy to move, & contain the fume ensuring a cleaner facility.


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